Taryn Thogerson, Yoga Teacher Training-200 Hour, BA Business; Sustainability, Arizona State University


Having practiced yoga from a young age, I didn't truly discover the magical healing power it possesses until a stress and desk induced injury dramatically improved under the practice of my oh-so-inspiring Thai yoga teacher, Duan-Duan. She is truly a light that changed my life during my time living in the big city of Bangkok. This was also a time of realization, feeling somewhat cut off from the natural world and my previous active lifestyle.  I then knew I had to be connected to the natural world around me in order to connect to my body and heal my spirit.

My life passions of dance, rock-climbing, skiing, and immersing myself in nature whenever possible, has lead me to my yogic path; to guide others in healing their own bodies through the art of yoga. Now residing back in my luscious home town of Portland, Oregon, I strive to use my Bachelors of Arts degree in Business; Sustainability to contribute to and transform local business to be economically balanced, socially just, and environmentally conscious. I continue to learn and share this wealth of knowledge with my community through studio and private yoga and meditation classes and workshops.